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Griffin Communications Media Center

Following its acquisition of Tulsa's KOTV News on 6, Griffin Communications initiated a plan to build a new media center to replace the repurposed tractor dealership building KOTV had been broadcasting from since 1953. By 2005, Griffin had selected and acquired land in a low income, economically depressed area of Tulsa located just north of the downtown core known then as the Brady Village (46% poverty rate). Griffin struggled for several years with project cost estimates and economic feasibility. The economic downturn of 2008 halted construction plans.

Following three years of contact and consultations, Griffin was able to cover its $28.4 million funding gap with the help of three low interest rate QLICI loans from New Markets Redevelopment totaling $17 million and a fourth $11.4 million loan from another CDE. The project broke ground in fall 2011 and completed in January 2013.

As well as serving as the broadcast facilities for KOTV, Griffin Communications Media Center includes a rent-free operations center and donation area for the Food for Kids program of the Community Food Bank. The Center also serves seven Indian nations as Griffin provides services to overcome employment discrimination by raising awareness of Native American achievements.


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